Sunday, June 14, 2009

The SCF's from a Flyers fan's point of view...

I feel so...miserable.

It pains me to think of our rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins, as the champions of professional hockey; the creme de la creme, the head banana's, the HEAD's just an awful thought.

How could we let that former MVP with a 12-year-old boy's goatee and the Russian with the ugly mother beat us in the first place to even reach the finals??? It just hurts.

I didn't get to see all of the series (I have a job in real life), but the Penguins were outplaying the Wings in the majority of the games I did see (which were 3,4,6 and 7). That just shocks me. The Red Wings are the big red machine, they aren't supposed to be beaten by ANYONE...not the Pens, Sharks, or Devils...well, maybe the Predators, but they didn't make the playoffs. I had all the confidence in the world that they were going to eat those frosty-birds for lunch. That didn't happen, and now Marian Hossa looks like a total too for a) signing with the Wings to win a Stanley Cup and b) Playing like GARBAGE during the Finals.

Regardless, I guess hats off to the Pens for winning (even though I'm still sickened by the thought that Fedotenko has TWO Stanley Cup rings and most of our guys have 0).

The good news for the Flyers? We're officially tied with the Penguins now for the NHL lead, at 0-0.

Can't wait until the draft!

The Batt-Man

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kate Smith - Good Luck Charm, or Franchise Curse?

Ahhh... Makes me feel good as a Flyers fan after seeing that. Just fills me with all sorts of emotions and tears..reminiscing about the greatness my beloved Flyers have accomplished back in first decade of their existence, against some of the greatest player's in NHL history. Winning the Stanley Cup. Ahhh....

I'm sure all of you know ( Flyers fans at least), that the Flyers have a supposed "good luck charm" in their history. It was very effective for a year, some could say 2 years, but historically known for being a good luck charm throughout the Flyers history as a franchise in the NHL.

You all know it to be the legendary, Kate Smith.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but we play her singing "God Bless America" before every home playoff game because we believe it'll bring us great luck and we'll win. We've gone 33 years since winning our last Cup.

Kate Smith died in 1986, I suggest that we may have to let this tradition go down with her as well. The beloved "God Bless America" song will always be remembered by Flyers fans, and what it seemingly did to get the Flyers past the dreaded Boston Bruins in the 1973-74 playoffs, but to me that's all it probably should be...Something to remember, not something to expect before every playoff game. And I admit it, I just get crazy feelings inside of me when I see side-by-side Kate Smith with Lauren Hart singing their butts off.... but these player's don't benefit from this, at least not in my opinion. Some of these guys probably grew up as Bruins fans and don't like it possibly. It's just over-used a lot. If it had to be used at all, I would suggest we break it out only for being down 2-3 games in a series, or even the opener to a new round in the playoffs, but that's it. A good luck charm loses it's luck when you call upon it EVERY FREAKING GAME .I say it's about time to find a new god dang good luck charm.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it's what's holding us back now from ever winning a Cup. Clearly, there's no other logical explanation for us going Cup-less. We're just too boss for that. However, I do have a suggestion for a potential new good luck chuarm: Rubbing down Chris Therien's belly before each game, with the promise of relief of that as long as the team continue's to win. Guaranteed to work in no time...Because he's fat now, and no one wants to rub a fat guys belly...Not really anyway.

Make it happen. Do it, do it.... Do-it.